Hajj 2018 (Package 1)


Hajj 2018 - Package 1

Departure: 8/9 Aug 2018

Return: 2 Sep 2018

Prices from (£4995) (Including Direct Flights)



24/25 Days Package

F&I Tours are delighted in organising your perfect Hajj. We are recognised for our high level of expertise in organising Hajj and Umrah trips offering packages of all inclusive nature and clear marketing.

Our hajj packages are well recommended for delivery of promises and highly competitive pricing. Our hajj packages involve good scholarly guidance from well versed scholars routinely during the days of Hajj and throughout the tour.

Hajj is an obligation upon every Muslim who is financially and physically capable of fulfilling the demands of the journey. If you're the lucky individual who has been called by Allah (SWT) then your responsibility is to ensure that you search for a reputable hajj packages provider

When searching for a Hajj package there are many factors you would need to look into. One of these is trying to understand the difference between SHIFTING and NON-SHIFTING packages. Below is a brief explanation of these terminologies:


In Shifting packages, pilgrims are constantly moved from one location to another, initially providing residence away from Haram during peak days of Hajj (Azizia, Kakia, Khalidiya, Shisha, etc) and then bringing them close to Haram once Hajj days are over. For example:

Pilgrims leave UK for Jeddah. From Jeddah they are escorted to an apartment on the suburbs of Makkah (Azizia, Kakia, Khalidiya, Shisha, etc). Here pilgrims will stay for 5/6 nights with a possible shuttle service to Haram. On 7th DhulHijjah the group will be taken into Mina for the 5 days of Hajj. After Hajj (12 DhulHijjah) pilgrims will be taken back into the suburban apartments and kept there for further 2/3 days and then moved into the 5star towers facing Haram. Pilgrims will stay in these towers for the days allocated to their group (3/4/5/6 nights) and then depart for Madinah and then fly back home


In Non Shifting Packages pilgrims are always kept in a single location in Makkah and Madinah close to Haram. For Example:

Pilgrims leave UK for Jeddah. From Jeddah they are escorted to the hotel in Makkah close to Haram. Pilgrims will stay in this hotel until they leave For Hajj either on 7th/8th DhulHijjah and then return back to the same hotel after Hajj (12 DhulHijjah). The hotel is accessible before, during and after Hajj. During the days of Hajj the pilgrim has full access to their hotel room. After Hajj the pilgrims will stay in this hotel for few more days (whatever has been agreed with hotel management) and then depart for Madinah and then fly back home

Please Note: We at F&I Hajj have always provided Non-Shifting packages, making sure hotels are close to the Haramain Sharifain so the hujjaj have quick and easy access to the Haram

Remember this should be a life changing experience, so make every second a worthwhile.

All costs include the Saudi 5% VAT (Introduced from 01 Jan 2018)

ITINERARY - (Detailed Itinerary will be updated very soon)


  • Makkah Hotel: Luluat Dhiof Al Rahman Hotel
  • Check in: 08/08/2018
  • Check out: 25/08/2018
  • Madinah Hotel: Al Mukhtara International
  • Check in: 25/08/2018
  • Check out: 02/09/2018


  • 6 Adults Sharing:
(£4995 PP) SOLD OUT

  • 5 Adults Sharing:
(£5195 PP) Limited Spaces

  • 4 Adults Sharing:

(£5295 PP) Limited Spaces

  • 3 Adults Sharing:
(£5395 PP) Limited Spaces

  • 2 Sharing (Private Room):

(£5995 PP) Last 1 room Left


Package Includes:

  • Direct Flight
  • Acquisition of necessary Visas
  • Hajj Drafts (Tanazzul & Naqabat)
  • Makkah Hotel: Luluat Dhiof Al Rahman Hotel
  • Madinah Hotel: Al Mukhtara International
  • Full Board in buffet style (breakfast, lunch and dinner) provided within the Makkah and Madinah restaurants
  • 24hrs tea service available within the hotels
  • European tents in Mina with sofa, bed, pillow, blankets
  • Air-conditioned tents in Arafat (New addition for Hajj 2016)
  • Full Board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) provided in Mina


Makkah Hotel

Hotel Name: Luluat Dhiof Al Rahman Hotel

Location: The hotel is only 250 meters away from Al Haram mosque in Makkah (behind Hilton Towers on Ibrahim Al khaleel Road)

General Hotel Description:

Luluat Dhiof Al Rahman Hotel is a budget hotel in Makkah offering clean and good services for the economic category and comfortable rooms. The Hotel has recently been refurbished to meet the current standard of good budget hotels. The location makes it ideal for guests to stay. Staff at the hotel are welcoming and friendly. Rooms are well equipped with closets and air conditioning

  • Located 5-7 minutes from Haram
  • All the rooms are equipped with a telephone and a TV
  • All Rooms are equipped with Air-Conditioning, Refrigerator
  • WiFi (In the lobby)

Departure Date:

08/09 August 2018

Return Date:

2 September 2018


Saudi Airlines

Flight Type:


Flight Status: (TBC)

Flight Times:

Departure: (TBC)

Time: (TBC)

Arrival: (TBC)

Time: (TBC)



Jeddah > Makkah | Makkah > Mina | Mina > Arafat | Arafat > Muzdalifah | Mina > Makkah | Makkah >Madina | Madina > Jaddah



  • 24hrs tea, refreshments and other services provided during the stay in Mina
  • Half board (breakfast and lunch) provided on the day of Arafat
  • All ground transportation on air-conditioned Moalim coaches. Makkah to Madinah is via the VIP luxury coaches
  • Pre Hajj Seminar and one2one consultation
  • Ziyaraats (historical/religious sites) in Makkah and Madinah
  • One Qurbani (Sacrifice of an animal)
  • Guidance provided by fully qualified Scholars - (From time of departure until you arrive back)
  • All costs include the Saudi 5% VAT (Introduced from 01 Jan 2018)

Madinah Hotel

Hotel Name: Al Mukhtara International

Location: Central Area Madinah (Al-Siteen Street) - Markaziyah(close to ladies gate 25 (Bab-un-Nisa)

General Hotel Description:

Al Mukhtara International is situatied 200 metres from the Prophet's Mosque (Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi). It is set in a striking building that fuses western and Saudi features, providing on-site restaurant and business centre.

  • Located 3-5 minutes from Haram
  • Laundry
  • Ironing service
  • Room service (part time)
  • Safe at reception
  • Fax service
  • ATM
  • Restaurant (à la carte)
  • Restaurant (buffet)
  • Snack Bar
  • Wireless Internet Hotspot
  • All rooms have sound-proof windows
  • Parking


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