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looking back at the trip, it was very peaceful, relaxing & our accommodation was very close to the Mosque. Arafat was enlightening. We had the presence of Hazret peer Wahid of aghar shareef, kotli. There were plenty of speeches, Naats and dua's by scholars. Other then this there was Plenty of water and food available. Bathrooms (women) were plentiful and clean. Muzdalifa was a humbling experience. In Mina the women had a great bonding experience. Makkah was excellent as well. The organizers were friendly, knowledgeable, patient and organized and always updating us on what to expect. Absolutely No Complaints!!!"

Sadia Hayaat


"My Hajj experience was the best I had in my life. With the peaceful time I had at the Haram and in Madinah, the services provided by Qazi Ilyas contributed greatly to my experience. We stayed at a hotel which was within walking distances to the Haram in Mecca and Medinah. When I go back to Mecca Insha'Allah soon, I hope F&I tours are still providing their services."

Syed Yunus Bukhari

"We thank Sheikh Qazi Ilyas for facilitating the whole experience. From the time I spoke to Sheikh Ilyas about our intention to go to Hajj and until we came back, he was always helpful, caring and patient. Before the trip Sheikh Ilyas made sure we had all the necessary information and followed up promptly on our requests. Our hajj documents were prepared in time and the contact information during Hajj was provided. During Hajj, Sheikh Ilyas qualities really came to light when he showed great patience and character dealing with the many requests of hajjis and working with the organizers. He helped everybody and listened carefully to complaints and tried to address them in a timely way. He was tireless and did not rest until the issues were resolved. In Medina and during the Hajj time, Sheikh Ilyas was careful to remind and explain to all of us how to perform the religious rituals. He shared with us his good knowledge and experience, which helped the Hajjis perform the Hajj in the best way possible, may Allah accept from us all. On our return, Sheikh Ilyas checked on us and asked about how we are doing, as many of the Hajjis get sick during this event."

Jamal Hussain & Family

Alhumdulillah Hajj was a magnificent experience for us. We thank Sheikh Qazi Ilyas for his help and if we were to go for Hajj again next year, we certainly will go with him for all the care and service we received. We highly recommend F&I Hajj&Umrah Tours to anyone planning to go for Hajj or Umra."

Samina Aslam & Family


"Mashah allah everything ran smoothly and as expected. We really enjoyed our hajj and are happy to recommend you to others."

Shabir Hussain

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